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GoQ8.Net Project

This blog is about the GoQ8.Net project journey. So let’s get started.



GoQ8.Net project aims to provide sub domains of GoQ8.Net with five pages free of charge.



You can choose one of these Domain with 5 Pages Free.

  • YourName.GOQ8.NET
  • YourName.ALDIMNA.COM
  • YourName.ALDIMNA.ORG
  • YourName.ALDIMNA.NET
  • YourName.GOQ8.INFO
  • YourName.MYQ8.INFO
  • YourName.MYQ8.NET
  • YourName.ALDIMNA.BIZ
  • YourName.ALAZEMI.NET
  • YourName.Q8BLOGS.INFO


GoQ8.Net project is developed by professionals from AlDimna Software, Inc.. Faisal Alazemi, an experienced system administrator, is the main project developer. Also worked on the graphic design and the clean XHTML & CSS code. And contributes to some of the tests and coordinates the whole project.



We chose .NET Framework 3.5 because it’s an elegant and powerful language with great multithreading support. And multithreading is crucial for GoQ8.Net project’ performance. Java EE Web Application sets the web stage for WebSite and JavaScript helps us with some of the tricks.


Where (are the ads)?

A strong project is a project that can sustain itself. But we don’t like web sites that have more ads then content. We don’t plan to overload GoQ8.Net project with screaming ads. When we’ll need a bunch of servers to sustain the traffic we ll probably come up with some sponsorship model with a single, small, nonintrusive and industry related ad. Drop us a line if you want to sustain GoQ8.Net project.


Where to?

We plan to continue to improve GoQ8.Net project and make it the best WebSite Service on the web. Feedback is very important to us. So don’t be shy.


How to(get your website)

AlDimna Software, Inc. has more to offer when you Create AlDimna Account. You can download Tryout Software , leave a comment , and more ...

Sign in on the right or create one for free using just an email address and password you choose.

GoQ8.Net Project
- Get a free sub domain like youname.goq8.net.
- Get a free 5 English pages and 5 Arabic pages for you website.
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- All AlDimna Software, Inc. demo's or full functionality products.
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