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AlDimna Blogs is a 360 degree look at the goings-on within AlDimna community, including news, opinions, events, tips tricks and more.

AlDimna Blogs

AlDimna Media Server

AlDimna media server is a computer appliance, ranging from an enterprise class machine providing video on demand, to, more commonly, a small home computer, or NAS (Network Attached Storage), dedicated for storing various digital media (meaning digital videos/movies, audio/music, and picture files).

AlDimna Media Server is a Standalone server which provides services to clients without relying on any external resources, including authentication.


- Kerne

- Kerne

- AlDimna WebPlyer - javascript

- HTTP/1.1 protocol support - Chroot



- Authentication

- Virtual hosts

- x-msvideo

- audio/xmpeg

- application/x-dvi

- video/x-msvideo

- video/mpeg

- video/mpeg-2

- video/quicktime

- video/x-sgi-movie

- video/vdo

- video/vnd.vivo

Travis J. Le Duc

The amount of products available lends itself to limitless customization!
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