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AlDimnaOS And VoIP Server

Ok I know it has been almost there days since my last email. Well, compiling and installing toke 4 to 6 hours, however, the rest of the time is wasted on how can i break free from the ISP Firewall.

I setup a server to host AlDimnaOS And AlDimnaVoIP software to be tested, therefore i will be needing some help to see what is going on. I am going to assign each of you a number so you guys can test the service and on my side i will be debugging what is going to happen:

  • Jarrod Butler ( user name: 7 | password:7 )
  • Travis Le Duc ( user name: 8 | password:8 )
  • Josh Quick ( user name: 9 | password:9 )
  • Faisal Alazemi ( user name: 1 | password:1 )
before you guys jump to conclusions I got number 1 on the phone system b/c I am Cool and not b/c i am running the server.


to use the service on your cell phone :

  • goto fring.com and get the the SIP Client for your phone ( iPhone , Samsung - Jarrod I not sure if it will work for you )
  • subscribe to SIP
  • select sip service name : chose Other
  • user-ID: YourNumber@voip.aldimna.com

    e.g 3@voip.aldimna.com

  • Password: Your Password

    e.g 3

  • proxy address: voip.aldimna.com

to use the service on your PC

before you guys start complaining about how bad is the service take a a look @ what is going to be serving you


The test is going to be runing for a week or so please guys help out by using the service. Try calling each by dialing the person extension

to call Travis: e.g 8@voip.aldimna.com or just 8

also If you having problem or you would like to comments on anything feel free to do so

while you are trying the service there will be three PCs watching so whatever you do it going to help



Faisal Alazemi

AlDimna Software, Inc.

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